Friday, March 16, 2012


As I am now officially not pregnant anymore and have my baby girl here this blog has now come to a conclusion. Fear not though my readers as I now have a new one.

To follow my journey as I raise my 2 girls, dog and husband please click here
I look forward to seeing you xxxx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The future! New Blog announcement

Hello everyone. Way back in July 2011 I started this blog more for my own peace of mind and as a memory keeper. As it went on more and more I suddenly realized I had 10000 viewers!!!!! How amazing. I really relished typing my thoughts and getting emails from people stating how much they related to my posts.

As the pregnancy drew to an end I realized, I really like doing this. This cannot be the end! So I am pleased to announce that I will be blogging on a new updated blinged out blog about raising 2 girls and the challenges and rewards of this. The site will be live from tomorrow and features an RSS feed.

The website domain will be released on a post tomorrow morning.

Watch this space and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you xxx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wear light colours please

Seriously ladies. Even if it is middle of winter, don't wear dark coloured tops if you are breast feeding. I have leaked through several tops now. Usually when my daughter cries I get a sudden "whoosh"feeling as my milk lets down and I slowly feel my bra fill up. I have pads in my bra for such an incident but I have that much milk that it still leaks when they get saturated.

It feels so grose. It's hard to feel clean when this happens. I mop it up but it is still grose.

Light coloured tops don't show up the leaks as much as dark tops so you may need to alter your wardrobe a bit.

Coming home

It is now Wednesday 22nd Feb. today is going home day. Typically you get 48 hrs in the hospital for a normal birth. I was actually allowed home a little early. I actually checked out at noon. So there is a mountain of paperwork you have to go through. It's almost like the closing on a house. There are several tests also done on your baby. One is a hearing test. Thankfully mine passed with flying colours. There are also some vaccines given and your child's jaundice levels will be checked.

Mine was a little yellow but not enough to warrant worry. Breasted babies do take a little longer to get the right billuribin levels.

I had a shower which was the best friggin shower in the world! It was not the nicest looming shower but oh my god after feeling as mucky as a pigs scrotum it was AMAZING!!!!!! I just stood there sighing at the fact I could finally have water hotter than my own spit. It was kinda grose at the same time as I was washing my belly and it was all wobbly and hollow. Really not a good look. I didn't care though as I was up and walking. It felt so good to be Independent.

Once I was ready I got baby ready and we were ready to go home. I swear it was more hassle taking my dog home from the shelter than it was taking my baby home lol!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What happens to baby in the first few hours

Many milestones will occur.  First wash. First clothes. First Diaper. First look at mummy and daddy.

Your baby will be weighed.  Mine was 7 pound 7 ounces.  They will also be measured in length and head circumference.  Mine was 21 inches long and head circumference was 34 cm.

They also put this clear lotion into babes eyes.  This is an antibacterial cream to stop their eyes getting any infection.  It may make their vision a bit blurry but they can only see a couple of inches in front of their face anyway.

They get a wash,  they cannot be bathed until the left over umbilical cord drops off but they have a simple washcloth bath.  Then it is on with the pink and blue hat and white shirt.  Then they will be swaddled up in the hospital blanket.

Fully suited and booted they will now be handed back to you.  This is of course assuming all goes well with mummy and baby.

first separation anxiety.....

You may wonder where baby sleeps while you are recovering.  They have a nursery in the hospital with great nurses who take care of baby for you.

I will warn you that this is one of the hardest rings to do in the world.  You need to sleep so USE IT!!!!! you won't have this luxury at home, especially if you are breastfeeding.  Its all down to you once you get home so don't feel bad, don't feel guilty.  It is there to ensure that YOU get some rest.

The hardest mental battle is you wondering if you are a bad mother by asking for them to take the baby to the nursery.  Once you admit that you need rest it will become easier.

They will know if you wish to breast or bottle feed and they will bring baby to you on a regular schedule.  I manage to get 3 hours sleep at a time.  It was sorely needed.  I also had people come in to check my temperature and uterus height.  This was the really gross part.  There will be some quite moderate bleeding that will last some time.  The nurses need to make sure that the uterus is voiding blood and keep an eye on the amount.  To do this they roll their hand down your tummy over your uterus.  It is a little uncomfortable and pretty disgusting as you feel the blood gush out.  It is only done about 4 or 5 times and then when they are satisfied they will stop.

What happens now?

So congratulations,  you had your baby.  You are probably wondering what happens now.  I was left in the labor and delivery suite for a couple of hours just myself, my husband and new daughter.  This gives us time to bond.  i also was conscious that I wanted to start feeding her.  This is the really amazing part.  When you place your nipple near babes lips they instinctively start rooting to get a feed.  How do they know how to do that?????  Its just so spectacular to watch.

When you breastfeed you will notice some sharp pains in your abdomen, almost like a contraction.  This does pass after a couple of days.  This is the natural hormones released by breastfeeding stimulating the uterus to contract back down to the normal size.  They have lactation specialists at most hospitals and birthing centers and I would highly advise you meet with them as some kids latch on real well, some kids need a little more training.  Mother and child will get their own knack sorted out and what works for one child may not work for another.  If the baby doesn't latch on properly it can leave to sore and cracked nipples.

You will most likely after about 2 weeks of feeding get sore and cracked nipples anyway so take note and persevere.  It does get better.  Trust me you could stick red hot pins through mine and I wouldn't have a clue!  They get to be like rubber.  You can either use a pure lanolin cream to soothe them or alternatively good old breast milk.  Just rub a bit over your nipples and let it soak in. God this sounds raunchy doesn't it lol!  You can also buy nipple shields which are plastic covers that go over your nipples and still let the baby feed.

Once the staff are ready you will most likely be transferred to a post partum room or recovery room.  these have much more comfortable beds.  At the birthing center I was at, they have a tradition where you push a bell on the wall to signify another baby being born.  it plays a lullaby across the main floor.  Its so sweet.

I was in post partum and ready to take up residence for a couple of days.  it is usually 48 hours for a normal delivery.  I figured I would be there till late on Wednesday night or even Thursday morning.